Let's Take A Pic is the perfect party guest. It's an ice breaker, picture taker and connection maker all in one simple, fun unit. 


Sporting Events

Private Events


Spiritual Events



Retirement Parties




Holiday Events

Birthday Parties

Personal Attendant

Your friendly Let's Take A Pic Attendant keeps the smiles rolling & the photos flowing.


Oh, filters, we love you so. We have color, black & white, sepia, cartoon, sketch, Warhol, night vision, thermography, pixel art, comic book, mosaic & cross process. Play with the filters until you find the one for your photo. 


Guests can send themselves their photos right from Let's Take A Pic

Data Collection

Your photo booth becomes a lead collection center. Walk away from your event with photos and prospects.

Social Media

Guests can share photos via Facebook & Twitter. You can add custom hashtags & captions. 


We have a wide array of backdrops from which to choose or we can make a custom backdrop for you. 


Guests can text the picture to themselves for easy sharing from their smartphone.

Online Photo Album

Enjoy your photo fun again & again with an online gallery for your event. 


A high quality printer allows guests to take home an old school 4x6 snapshot in a flash.

Animated Gif

Snap, snap, snap. We'll take three pictures to animate, so your special day comes to life. 

Video Messages

Enable video messaging so your guests can record 10-second toasts or product endorsements. 

Custom Frames

Create a custom frame for photos from your special event or let us do it for you.


You can add your logo or special message on the Let's Take A Pic and all your photos.


Take the fun up a notch with mad props. Perfect for breaking the ice & bringing out your guests' silly sides. Our prop kit includes hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras and more. 

Green Screen

Stand on an elephant, balance on the tip of the Eiffel Tower or swim with sharks. With our green screen, your imagination is your only limitation.

Slow Motion Video

Ever wish you had a slo-mo button when you're having a great time? Now, you do.